TSP Algorithm Selection

The Travelling Salesperson Problem (TSP) is arguably the most prominent NP-hard combinatorial optimisation problem. Given a set of n cities and pairwise distances between those, the objective in the TSP is to find the shortest round-trip or tour through all cities, i.e., a sequence in which every city is visited exactly once, the start and end cities are identical, and the total length of the tour is minimal. The Euclidean TSP has important applications, e.g., in the fabrication of printed circuit boards as well as in transportation and logistics. We aim at constructing an instance-based algorithm selection model in order to improve the current state-of-the-art solver.


This work originally used to be joint work between researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada and the University of Muenster in Germany.
Over the years, some of the involved researchers changed their affiliations, and additional researchers joined the project.
A list with the most recent affiliations of all involved people is given below:


Contributed software

The following software packages for the R programming language were implemented alongside the project:

Other software used

TSP Optimization Algorithms

TSP Feature Calculation


In the following we provide data used in our publications:


Algorithm Selection

Generation of TSP Instances

Performance Assessment